(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Fantastic restored 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Super Sprite for sale

Next to Gumby (my personal green car), this is everyone’s favorite Bugeye here are at the shop. Low. Clean. Sleek. (These are the words people have used when they walk through our doors.) The car is a great balance of pure Bugeye fun with slightly more aggressive styling. NEW! Black tonneau with contrasting white stitching to match the interior…

In particular, we dressed up the interior with our hardura mat set, white constrasting stitching on the dashboard and cockpit trim rail and a sleek chopped down windscreen. The car has our mean twin- tipped muffler and a Ford Five speed transmission mated to a newly rebuilt 1275 engine. Disk are mounted brakes up front and just about everything is new on this car.

This build is perfect for anyone who loves the stock Bugeye but wants it amped-up a bit. The car has a nice lopey idle and a strong perfomance exhaust note once you hit the pedal. It’s a fantastic wind-in your hair machine with the chopped windshield.

Flatter is better.

We are lucky to specialize on Bugeyes… this is a car that has a strong custom car customer base as well as a strong stock car loving crowd. The former community generally wants more power and disk brakes along with a fully synchronized five speed transmission… so for that customer, this car is hard to pass-up.

Ready for lift-off!

This is a limited edition and very special car, packed with custom features. If you want your own super sprite like this one, please give a call and we will ship Bix to your door!

1600 Bugeye miles, part two

Life in classic British car world is particularly unpredictable. For example, I did not expect the new owners of our Bugeye Molly to head north on their way home to Texas. Nor did I anticipate that they would visit Pittsburgh on the way to Key West (all on this same trip!). But alas, all this adventurous reckless abandon was too much for one of Molly’s rod bearings. I got a call last Saturday night that Molly had a rod knock. This meant the demise of her 948 engine.

Return to base.

To be fair, many of our clients will take ten years to cover the 1600 miles Molly covered last week. Who knows how far that engine had traveled previously… as I have said before, the odometer reading on a British car is always just a guess. We felt this was a good engine based on power output, good oil pressure and lack of smoke. But without a known rebuild date or mileage, we are often making our best educated guess.

Like throwing the first pitch at a big game, Amanda removes the very first bolt.

I had the car picked up and brought back to our shop from the south side of the Annapolis Bay Bridge, about 400 miles from our shop. I prepared a recently rebuilt used 948 engine for transplant.

Bugeye Camp couples workshop

Fortunately, the intrepid owners are quite skilled, and Russ the mechanic is on vacation, so we turned Vic and Amanda loose in our shop and gave them the pieces they needed to get the job done. And thus a new part of their adventure began.

Now that’s a throw out bearing!

There is something very special about the people who love these cars. When you take the road less traveled, perhaps you are more able to accept the unexpected that comes your way. These two Bugeye owners embody flexibility and, from my perspective at least, had just as much fun changing the engine on their new Bugeye as they would were they out on the road. (And while we are at it, let’s add a five speed conversion too!)

Petting the five speed to awaken the synchros within.

For three days, we left them pretty much alone in our workshop, and periodically slid them some parts and lubricants. In the end, Molly was reborn stronger and faster, with overdrive, courtesy of a previously rebuilt 948 engine and Ford Five speed box.

Amanda wakes up from nap period with her new engine (actually, she was cleaning the backplate gasket)

We could not ask for better guests and more gracious gypsy mechanics, who wrestled with their little British car in a whole new way this week. They became intimate with every square inch of their new ride, and depended their relationship with the car that will take them on many happy miles to come.

Where next? Only Molly knows. We’ll have an update for you next week (and let you know if they actually head southwest once they depart).

Final testing before mounting the nose

Super cool 1965 Morgan Plus 4 for sale

I’m selling this striking Morgan for a passionate collector in Maine. He has too many cars, and bought this one to help out a friend. It had previously been sold by an estate in California.

The car is available for $34,995

This 1965 Plus four has its original 2138 CC TR4 engine that came standard with this model. It is fit with the correct twin SU carbs. And she’s quick!

The four-seat configuration allows style and grace for four adults, which is not a small feat in a classic British roadster.

The black wire wheels are striking, and look fantastic with BRG.

The top is all the more special with a red accent as shown below. Interior is quite nice.

If you are looking for a lot of classic car at a very reasonable price, don’t pass this one up! It’s stunning. Call for more information!

1250 Miles in a Bugeye Sprite, and counting!

These intrepid travelers flew-in from Austin, Texas last weekend and took off in their new Bugeye “Molly” last week. 1250 miles later, they are still on a very interesting geography experiment. I thought they were headed back to Austin but their first stop was due North of our shop in Burlington, VT. This is a good sign. It must mean that Molly is a lot of fun to drive.

Bugeye “electronic key” shirts… car only runs when matching t-shirts are worn.

Amanda and Vic are on one most excellent road trip. And they are collecting pictures of good food and roadside monuments to prove it. For us, it’s a great reliability test, and the further they go, the more we learn about how to build the most drivable British car.

Just add hats and cowboy boots.

Our goal has always been to produce great cars our clients can really use. It’s easy to fall in love with an Internet bride while surfing, but will that classic car make it around the block when it arrives?

And you thought Mercedes Gullwing luggage was special.

We are in the details business, and our goal is for you to get into one of our cars and drive it 1250 miles (and hopefully a whole lot more!) without issue. Customers like Amanda and Vic give us a chance to see how well we are doing.

Breakfast in Burlington… while drivers gorge, Molly gathers over-the-counter drugs across the street for what lies ahead.

After a nice breakfast in Burlington, Molly boarded the ferry to Plattsburgh, NY, and our crew headed to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater out in Western Pennsylvania (Southeast of Pittsburgh.

Across Lake Champlain, to Plattsburgh, NY.
The timeless design world tour

And then back to Gettysburgh. Next stop, Key West! If they keep going, they will eventually run into Texas… (it’s the big one down there somewhere).

Gettysburg. Changing times, changing automotive priorities.

The car is performing wonderfully. She has consumed one quart of oil, which is probably about right for a middle-aged 948 engine. And no issues other than some lighting challenges after an afternoon in the rain. Those cute little British wiring bullets are not as water tight as one might like. And Molly has an older wiring harness, the changing of which was not part of the scope of our preparations. Here’s to drier weather as they head South!

Here’s an excerpt from Amanda’s notebook:

Observations after our first day in Mollie… Driving is far more elemental. More like a motorcycle than a modern car. You are connected to everything around you, nothing filters you from the road and the world around you. Smells, sights, sounds, wind, bugs. It is truly a tiny car, parking is a breeze, but she can hide behind a subcompact. You can’t be in a hurry, you will be stopped constantly by people that want to talk about the car. There seems to be a wave unique to old British car drivers, we seem to now be in the club. There is a surprising amount of leg room, but don’t let you cell phone slide under the seat!  Major rescue operation to get it out lol. I now understand why women used to wear hair scarves!  Sunscreen is a must!

Thank you for sharing your adventure with us Amanda, Vic and Molly! We’ll have another update next week!

OEW tribute Bugeye

This is a mean, lowered, five speed/front disk/1275 Bugeye that we’ve been building. It’s almost done.

I am really happy with this build. The car is a tribute to Olde English white, THE quintessential British sports car color. Original white cars frequently arrived w/black seats with white piping. We took that color theme to the next level.

The wheels underline the black and white contrast. Our hardura interior mats are French stitched with white thread. And the dashboard is accented with twin thin white borders for a more elegant level of trim.

Now for the windshield… what’s your preference… Brooklands or regular full size?

We’ll have more pictures next week!

1956 Austin Healey 100 BN2 with LeMans Kit for sale

This has been my personal 100M since the fall of 2012. I have not been using it enough, and it’s time to pass this stunning car to a new owner.

The car was comprehensively restored by a passionate Healey enthusiast, who worked hard to create a show-winning car that he could also drive. He started with the preferred 1956 four-speed BN2 100 Healey and correctly built the car to the proper LeMans spec, which was verified by M registry certification.

The car is stunning. Paint work is excellent in correct Healey blue. Panel fit, door fit and swage line fit are all excellent. Dashboard paint scheme is also correct, and the matching blue leather seats are exceptional.

The original engine and gearbox were completely rebuilt, and the M- spec engine produces brisk acceleration. A lower ring and pinion set was built into the rear end, to make for impressive highway cruising. The original electric overdrive functions beautifully, and in fourth gear with overdrive engaged, the lower rear end allows effortless 70 mph cruising. The car runs on modern radials with 72 spoke painted wire wheels, much stronger than the stock 48 spoke painted rims (and bias plys) that would have come with the car. This configuration made it easy for me to enjoy a delightful long drive to Lime Rock Park for the fall concours in 2015, where the car was awarded third place in class.

In recent years, I have fit a high-output starter motor and premium Optima Battery (in the original battery tray). These upgrades have made the car easy to start even after she has been sitting for a few weeks. The new owner will appreciate the ease with which the car springs to life courtesy of these upgrades.

Engine bay is quite tidy, and the spin-on oil filter upgrade (above) makes service easier. I’ve also hidden a K & N lifetime air filter in the front shroud, mounted on the end of the correct reproduction air hose. Many of these M air boxes are running without air filters but I made certain that filtered air would help protect this great engine.

I have maintained the car so that it is ready to enjoy. I have recently replaced the master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders, brake shoes and front shocks. I would not hesitate to drive this car on a long trip.

The convertible top is also excellent and quite useable, made of uprated matching blue everflex with the addition of a zip-down rear window, which is an excellent upgrade that makes the car that much more useable on the hottest of days. I have enjoyed top-up rear window down motoring when the sun is otherwise too hot for an open car drive. In this way, the top functions as an awning and with windows off and rear window unzipped, the occupants enjoy maximum ventilation. Nice side curtains are included, as is a good blue tonneau cover.

I bought this car because it is a show-winner that can also be driven and enjoyed, and the new owner will appreciate the fact that this is not just a showpiece that is tucked away in the garage. Whether the windshield is folded down or left in the more upright position, this is an exceptional sculpture on wheels that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

The car is available for $99,900.

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours