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Super cool 1965 Morgan Plus 4 four-seater for sale!
Awesome restored 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale with wire wheels and all the right upgrades!
Restored, upgraded and sorted 1960 primrose Bugeye Sprite for sale!
Awesome restored 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale
Striking five speed 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale! New Video!
Restored Primrose 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite!
Striking Red 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale
Fantastic restored 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Super Sprite for sale
Right Hand Driver 1960 Bugeye Sprite for sale
2018 Mini Cooper S JCW for sale, in Mint condition with just 7000 miles
Striking 1955 TR2 for sale
1956 Austin Healey Lemans spec 100 BN2 for sale, video drive!
Porsche 911 SC Targa for sale-1978 with just 65k miles!

Super video drive in a Super Sprite

This car looks and feels and drives the way it does only because of the experience we have gained from the more than 250 Sprites that have come before it. Every modification, every choice, every detail is the result of what we have learned from the cars that have passed through our doors.

Come with me on a drive in the video below and see if you can tell what makes this particular car so special (hint, it’s upgraded just the right amount to enhance but not lose sight of its DNA).

Want to see more? Click here for more information and to see the photo album.

Planting Bugeye Seeds

I received a call this week about a Bugeye for sale that was “a bit rough.” The price was $800, but he would take $500 cash. To make matters more urgent, he said that someone was coming to grab it Saturday with a trailer and cash in hand, but no money had yet been exchanged, and as a courtesy, he wanted me to have a shot at bringing this classic back to life.

As luck would have it, I was planning to be just .7 miles away from this investment opportunity that very evening, and so I decided to stop by for a look.

What I discovered was a self-composting Sprite.

I started to make a mental list of what might be saved here. An original dashboard has value. And the gauges can be restored, after all, they have been shaded all these years by the cowl. And the steering wheel is restorable, as is the cockpit trim.

As I thought about what it would take to liberate the fasteners holding each of these parts in place, I marveled at the pull of gravity as a non-negotiable force, on the fuel tank, for example. Long after the gasoline evaporated, and the varnish left behind had outgassed, the top of the tank rusted through, filling the tank with water, which eventually rusted the floor of the tank.

Perforated on top and bottom, the weight of the now lacy and empty tank itself was still sufficient to have it fall to the earth, as the trunk floor finally evaporated after one last terminal rain drop. Who needs the The Lion King? British classic car lovers have long embraced the circle of life.

Sometimes, the raw power of nature is simply too much, even for the mighty Bugeye Sprite. Clearly, the earth is winning this battle, and soon this car will be fully digested and beyond revival by mere mortals. I paused to salute the impermanence of all things, snapped a few pictures to share, and headed home, amused by the notion of a tree that might one day sprout forth from this ground, and leak 20W-50 sap from its limbs.

But, wait, it comes with a spare nose!

Awesome restored 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale

This is a 1960 Bugeye #AN5L 47854 (“Zoya”). We sold this car in 2012 to a wonderful man in Maryland (Rod) who, sadly, passed away this year. He set up the car exactly how he wanted and it’s a good one. I know Rod would be happy to see the car going to a good new home.

We got friendly during the build of this car and he was quite conscientious. You can see the pre-build video below. We heaped a large serving of upgrades on this car, and thus the new owner will get the benefit of Rod’s care and investment.

The car has a 948 engine with an upgraded 1098 head (with hardened valve seats) and a new stainless header and exhaust system, mated to a rebuilt four-speed rib case transmission. The speedo currently shows 807 miles. This is a rebuilt unit we provided, which would have started at zero. The original speedo showed 74266 miles when we had the car in 2012 but actual mileage is unknown. You can assume that Rod put about 1000 miles on the car after he purchased it from us.

Other great upgrades installed in 2012 include new wire wheels and tires, new header and performance muffler, cigarette lighter (in the original washer pump hole), arm rest and cupholder, alternator upgrade, electronic tachometer and other upgrades all shown in the video above .

Since 2012, Rod upgraded the car further with a vacuum brake booster. The booster, by the way, dramatically reduces peddle effort and is a nice upgrade if you like more modern pedal effort on your classic car brakes. He also added an electric cooling fan for parades and fit an impressive stereo system, with speakers hanging below the dash. This retro sound system can be removed if the new owner prefers but it makes a nice sound.

If you are looking for a well-sorted and extremely well-optioned car, this is a great candidate. There’s a lot here, including K & N life time air filters, a custom valve cover, new shocks, air horn, new seats, top tonneau and windows, with storage pouches, custom seat belts and more. Give a call if you would like to be the new steward of this fine car!

Bugeye race car prep in pictures and video

There is something for everyone in our shop this week. We have a 1275 engine upgrade project (yellow car), an electric conversion (at right), and this blue car above, a race car needing a new engine installed.

The car came to us from California in pieces, which arrived in a cockpit jumble.

The 1275 race engine was rebuilt in Florida, and arrived on a skid. We assembled it, added a baffled large capacity oil pan, and installed it in the racer.

The lightened flywheel is a work of art and super light.

The Tilton clutch is even more impressive… compact, light weight and ceramic.

Many race Sprites, like this one, have the exhaust fed through the tunnel, so the the car can sit as low as possible to the track. You’ll notice that this car really looks like a bug, with short legs.

This car also has very trick suspension components. The right silver and gold set up is the adjustable rear sway bar. The left link is a rigid joint to replace the rubber mounted shock “dog bone.” You can also see the solid and adjustable radius arm in the background on the left. These hard joints make for a very hard ride and are for track use only. Notice also the rear axle check strap, which in this case is chain.

Every seven years you need a new fuel cell bladder and this one was overdue. We dropped the red fuel cell through the boot floor …

… and removed the pick up assembly.

Next, the new bladder (below) goes into the box, followed by 115 octane race fuel. This engine has a 14:1 compression ratio and requires race fuel.

Note that the fuel cell is more of a (yellow) foam matrix than a bladder.

Once installed, the cell is now marked for another seven years. Fill access is through the hatch above the tank. Vent line at left goes overboard.

Here’s the nearly completed car ready for testing. The electric street Bugeye is parked in the background.

And come for a short video drive below… here, we are still breaking-in the engine, and making sure we can shift into all the gears. The engine sounds wonderful! She’s quite quick and very addictive!

Here, the happy owner and race driver arrives. You might recognize Jeff, who also owns a supercharged blue street Bugeye, that he has also taken to track days. Look for this car, his vintage racer, at Lime Rock, Watkins Glen, VIR and more this fall!

Congratulations Jeff!

Our ’67 BJ8 is New Zealand Bound-Rally prep begins!

This car is now sold and it is about to get very dirty.

In the Spring of 2020, the car will arrive in Auckland, New Zealand for three weeks of on and off road rallying.

If you build a rally tribute car, you have to expect people will actually rally the car, and thus our most stunning modified 1967 Austin Healey 3000 is about to take its new owner on the drive of a lifetime that may include similar terrain to what you see below.

Our primary concern is to make sure the beautiful cast aluminum oil pan does not take a rock strike on the event. If you have been around big Healeys much, you know it is common to see old dents repaired on this vulnerable sump leading edge. This is probably a brand new sump installed during the restoration. Our goal is to keep it that way, and so we have set out to build a skid plate that should do the job.

Below you can see the cardboard template. Next we will cut and weld an aluminum plate to take any impact the underside might receive. Notice the sump hangs just below the lines of the frame rails. Thus, our center skid plate will include a welded oil pan tray to match the underside profile. We’ll raise the car a bit, which will also help improve ground clearance.

Drain holes and oil pan and transmission drain plug access holes are also integral to this plate design, which we will fabricate and report about in the coming weeks. We’ll also make mounting brackets and use quick release dzus fasteners to hold the plate in place.

The new owner of this Healey ran in the Peking to Paris rally a few years back, and you might enjoy the article about that event, linked below.

When showing this car at local events, people were quite curious about the double spare tire boot lid. I put on the stock lid for sleeker lines, but we’ll switch back to the dual spare lid, since she’ll car carry two spare wheels in the event, just as the original designers of that lid intended.

Restored, upgraded and sorted 1960 primrose Bugeye Sprite for sale!

If you are looking for a completely restored and upgraded 1275 and disk brake-equipped Bugeye (that still looks stock), this is a great choice!

This is “Donovan,” (AN5L 32516). In 2012, we completely restored this car with great upgrades, and then sent it in 2013 to South Carolina, where is has lived with a customer since. He’s put just 400 miles on the car since 2013, and so when he offered it to me, I was delighted to have the car back so I could offer it here. It’s still like a newly restored Bugeye, and someone is going to get a very nice car loaded with smart upgrades.

This car was stripped and painted and the build includes impressive add-ons which will make the new owner quite happy.

This includes a rebuilt 1275 engine, rebuilt transmission, front disk brake upgrade, electronic ignition in a new distributor, spin on oil filter, K and N lifetime air filters, front sway bar, air horn, new shocks, LED brake lights, rebuilt carbs, electronic fuel pump, exhaust header and stainless muffler.

The interior is loaded with new parts including new panels, carpet, seats and cover, door liners, door gaskets and the dashboard was removed, welded up and filled to make a nice flat surface for the new vinyl covering. The dashboard is beautiful, with everything in the correct place just as it left the factory. Then we polished the cockpit trim and powder coated the windshield assembly.


You can see the new carpet below, now protected by rubber footwell mats.

There’s too much to list, but there is a new top and sidecurtains in protective pouches and a nice tonneau. Three point retractable seat belts are installed, each buckle with a custom cloisonné emblem attached to the buckle. There’s a hidden cigarette lighter/accessory plug and trickle charger hard wired too.

The last owner spent generously on this car to make it wonderful, and now you can enjoy a car that has been thoroughly sorted in our shop. It’s a good one.

Give a call if you want to take Donovan home!

Contact us at or call (203)-208-0980 during business hours