Finally, a Bugeye Sprite that doesn’t leak oil.

And this is it’s motor… an AC unit with 88 HP and 108 foot pounds of torque. Yes, we are building an electric Bugeye Sprite.

This is a big event for us, and we hope it will also be a positive event for the classic sportscar world.

Believe me, I have been smelling like hydrocarbons my entire life, and I have three of my very own dinosaur powered Bugeyes. But I have yet to attend a British car club event with more than a few token souls under the age of 50, and I believe we have to adapt to our new reality in order to keep these cars alive. More and more new car brands are offering electric vehicles in coming years. My hope is that an electric Bugeye will bring more new people into our world, the world of eccentric British sportscars that we all love so much.

Please forgive me for building a great Bugeye with no exhaust note. But I am hoping that there will be multiple other benefits that will offset the loss of the gas-powered soundtrack so integral to the ride.

Time will tell.

Our intention is to offer zero emission power as one more option for anyone who wants to own a Bugeye. We plan to continue to build awesome gasoline-powered cars. We have a very big carbon footprint. This will help.

We will also sell kits for anyone wanting to convert their own Sprite to electric power.

Our kit is completely reversible. The motor fits neatly in the transmission tunnel, about where the gearbox used to live. You can see us offering the motor up to the frame brackets in the photo here.

The batteries occupy the space formerly occupied by the engine. 25% of the battery power will hang under the trunk floor in the space formerly occupied by the fuel tank and muffler.

We are hard at work making our car look and feel just like a vintage Bugeye. We have used stock cosmetics wherever possible.

Above is a link for great video about a 1969 electric E-type built by the Jaguar factory. You’ll notice they have made a digital dashboard which looks very futuristic. Instead, our dash looks just like a period Bugeye, except our speedo is GPS powered, the tach is pulse driven off the motor shaft and our fuel gauge reads battery capacity.

This is a prototype, and in the coming weeks, I hope you will enjoy watching this project unfold. We are excited about this development, and hope that you will be too! The car should be less than 50 pounds heavier than a stock Bugeye with a full fuel tank. Weight distribution will be similar to stock. We’ll do some side by side comparisons… we expect that the electric will be quicker to 60 mph than a gas-powered Bugeye with a stock 1275 engine. Range will be about 100 miles. When you consider that most of our clients only spend an hour or two with their bugeye per session anyway, this range should be just perfect. Our prototype BugeyE is British Racing GREEN.

Stay tuned!


Austin Healey Tattoo

I think I missed my opportunity to get a tattoo, so this is the next best expression of my permanent commitment to this brand.

This week we worked on engraving some select parts with Austin Healey script, and I was lucky to capture that work in progress. If Iris blue hair is a bit of a stretch for you too, I trust you will enjoy this video as a vicarious thrill.

1960 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1 for sale, “just right” driver, called “Bliss!”


Here’s another Bugeye we have sorted fully and sent to a new home, that is now up for sale again. The current owners (in Texas) got this car from us in the summer of 2015, and after three years of ownership they are ready for something new. So we are offering the car for sale once again.

The next owner gets the benefit of nearly $10,000 of upgrades done by us for the current owner back in 2015. Some of the best upgrades we did: front disc brake kit (drums are shown in the photos, but were replaced after photos were taken), LED lights all around, three point retractible seat belts, new top, new tires, new electronic ignition and new gas tank (old tank is shown in photo gallery, it was replaced after photo). I have to confirm but I believe we also sent this car with new sidecurtains and a new sidecurtain pouch. The car is fully sorted and ready to enjoy! It has spent most of its life in dry climate. The next owner gets the benefit of a lot of hours spent in our shop (and a lot of money spent by the prior owner) to make this car great.

This car is available now for $19,995.

We call this car “Bliss,” because it wears an original 1962 Fort Bliss base sticker on the front bumper.

I’ve heard lots of Army base Bugeye stories over the years, and here’s car that clearly lived on the Army’s second largest base in the dry Texas/New Mexico climate. And it shows. The car is very solid. [Read more…]

Striking restored 1959 Austin Healey Sprite Mark 1 for sale!

We call this Sprite “Pedro,” and it’s a beautiful 1959 Bugeye, AN5L 15196. The car was restored by a very passionate and meticulous car guy, who spent countless hours detailing every inch of the car. The result is stunning! The burgundy base/clearcoat paint work is outstanding and this car is a knockout. The car is lowered for an attractive and aggressive stance. This is another car that has been fully sorted in our workshop. The last owners spent a ton of money, (and we put in a lot of time) to optimize this car and make it turnkey. All of our cars are not what you find for sale elsewhere. Sure there are lots of great builders out there. But our cars have the benefit of the more than 200 Bugeyes that have come before. We leverage that expertise to produce the finest product possible.

This car is available for $24,995.

Take a drive below, and click “read more” below the video to see the photo album…

[Read more…]

Bugeye Sprite Happiness

Proud, happy, fulfilled, comfortable. This how John looks to me in his Bugeye, a recent purchase (not from us). John just put in our windshield post mirrors he purchased from our catalog and sent me this picture of his nice result.

I don’t know if John always looks this content, but this sure looks a picture of Bugeye bliss. Forget how much horsepower, this is the real power of life with a Bugeye Sprite.

Excellent 1960 Austin Healey 3000 Mark 1 BT7 for sale

The sound below is the only sound you need to hear today. NOTHING sounds like a big Healey. Click on the video below and see if you agree. This is a stunning car we have ready for Spring. Turn up the volume and click below!

This 1960 3000 MK 1 BT7 (HBT7L 7549) is a drives beautifully and it’s a cosmetic stunner!

This stunning car is available now for $44,995.

It’s a very sharp restored car that you can drive anywhere. The new chrome exhaust system looks great and roars! The car has also been fit with an upgraded high output starter and spin on oil filter kit, nice additions! We have completely gone through the car, put in a new clutch, replaced the driver’s seat foam to restore the leather seat bottom and fully serviced the brakes.
The body is excellent. The door gaps are all great and this car is ready to drive! The rockers are nicely restored and so are the outriggers and trunk floor. The floor pans are solid. The restoration was done about 20 years ago and the car still looks fresh.

The car has been driven so the underside is not as tidy as you’d find on a car that has been trailered to shows… but this is a car you can drive, without fear that a passing rain shower will ruin your entire weekend, and require hours of underside cleaning.

She starts right up and wants to roll. A great tonneau, windows and top are included (see photo album). The trunk is well-stocked with knock off wire wheel hammer and a spare tube underneath the spare tire. The blue pouch holds a car cover. Take this car on a trip this weekend!

It’s the perfect classic car… use it and enjoy it, and show it and blow people away. She’s nice enough to show yet well-sorted and ready to drive.

The car shows 724 miles. Anyone lusting after the sensual curves of a big Healey will love this car. Call if you would like more details!