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1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale-Sven

Sven is a lovely restored Bugeye with beautiful chrome wire wheels and two-eared knock-offs. The body was restored and professionally repainted about one year ago. The 1275 engine was removed and rebuilt about 5000 miles ago and mated to an upgraded ribcase four-speed transmission.

Completely stock in appearance, Sven is hiding quite a few performance modifications. The engine is quite impressive, rebuilt with a number of performance modifications made to produce a roughly 20% increase in power over a stock 1275 engine. This Bugeye is still completely street-friendly with a smooth idle and easy driveabilty. But lurking under the hood is a nice performance package featuring a mild street cam, exhaust header with larger bore exhaust system, aluminum head and roller- rocker performance valve gear. He also has a fancy new performance distributor with breakerless ignition and MSD ignition wires. No points to fail — for reliability, this is the way to go.

The suspension is stock with the addition of a a front anti- roll bar and front disk brakes.All this adds up to make for spirited driving fun and more power than your average 1275 Bugeye.

We have an extensive checklist we use when preparing cars for sale and each one of our cars comes under the bugeyeyguy microscope. Only when the issues are addressed is a car ready for departure to a new owner. All British cars come with issues… the added value we provide is knowing how to properly evaluate these cars and how to properly address the issues!

Sven was no exception, and a number of his chronic Bugeye problems have now been handled… we’ve changed his radius arm bushings, replaced his slave cylinder and brake hoses, installed air horns, replaced his leaking differential pinion seal and exhaust gasket, replaced his heater hose, replaced his leaking rear hub seals gaskets and o-rings, and also installed new rear brakes and rear wheel cylinders. We’ve also replaced the fuel filter and he has a brand new SU electric fuel pump. Oil and filter were just changed 50 miles ago.

Sven is now ready for delivery to your driveway–fully serviced and ready to run.

In the photo below we are setting the valve clearances. The roller rockers are the orange arms in the photo and this is a wonderful and expensive accessory (about $800). These are a modern low friction method of opening and closing the valves which use ball bearings to reduce friction in the valve gear. The roller rocker puts less pressure on the valve guides than the stock arrangement, which results in longer engine life and greater efficiency. This roller rocker assembly also keeps the valves open longer for better breathing. The net effect is more horsepower delivered to the wheels.

Sven also has an aluminum head, a $1200 performance extra with polished ports for better intake and exhaust flow. Valve seats are hardened for use with modern unleaded gasoline (premium pump gas is all you need). The head is lighter, stronger and dissipates heat better than the stock arrangement. This trick head is held onto the block with two extra studs (as with classic mini cooper S models) to make much a stronger overall engine. Other modifications include a high torque aftermarket starter motor and a spin-on oil filter. This is one trick Sprite motor. It’s all very well executed and a really nice asset to have in this lovely restored car! If you are looking for extra power in your Bugeye, Sven is worth serious consideration… and even if you are looking for a Bugeye with the stock powerplant, there is no downside to these mods, only increased power should you need it!

Sven also has a new tonneau and a lovely restored interior.

Click here to see more pictures from Sven’s photo album!

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