1960 Austin Healey Sprite for sale – Phoenix

This is Phoenix with his new racing stripes. If you have been following my bodyshop videos, you might have seen this car undergo his transformation. The mission was to take a somewhat flat looking Bugeye and bring it to life. The creamy yellow color was a bit bland but the red wheels and white walls hinted at something more lively. We poured over striped Bugeye pictures and put a great deal of effort into figuring out what width and size to use for the stripes… and it worked! Phoenix has come alive. We’ll now attack the trim and reassembly to finish the job, but I wanted to show you the preliminary results on this one- of- a- kind Bugeye which will soon be ready for sale.

It’s always amazing to me how such a simple little car can take on so many different identities. Phoenix is no exception… this car is completely unique, yet still evokes all the right period sentiments. Pure Bugeye, with an attitude!

I had been thinking of putting on racing roundels, white circles into which a number would go on race day. I like the stripes so much it seems a shame to make the car more busy with design elements so we are going to stop here. Of course the new owner can affix the “meatballs” if they like, but we feel that Phoenix is perfect as is… the stripes and wheels are enough and there is no need to add another design element to the mix.

Below is the “before” picture. Everyone who has seen the car agrees the stripes make a good car spectacular! What do you think? Click on the title of this post and you can share your comments…

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