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Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Collectible Postage Stamp T-Shirts for sale

If you have done any traveling in the Caribbean, you probably know there aren’t many British sports cars bombing around, but I tip my barn-find hat to the Postal service of the tiny Island of St Vincent, because they featured a stamp collection of wonderful motorcars, including the Bugeye.

I think Bugeyes are the “leaders of the world” and they must feel that way in St Vincent too or they wouldn’t have said it on their postage stamp, even though I have a feeling there has never actually been a Frogeye on the Island. But I’ll give them the benefit of a doubt… it’s a cool postage stamp and it inspired an even cooler T shirt!

Available in Men’s sizes S-XXL in buff/tan or get a pink tank top for your Bugeyegal! Each shirt features a nice bugeyeguy imprint beneath the back collar as shown. Click the images to enlarge for a closer view, and click the last image for a close-up of the cool design.

Check out the video below for more details. These are high quality 100% cotton shirts. You can order them by clicking on the “add to cart” buttons beneath the video. Lead the world!

The video below also features our new Bugeyeguy embroidered patches.

3" Bugeyeguy Patch $3.95

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Men’s St Vincent T Shirt-Choose size

Women’s St Vincent Tank, Choose Size

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