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1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale-Sven-Driveway Tour

NOTE: Sven is now sold and will be taking up residence at a new home in Virginia.

Sven is a very well restored car with all kinds of engine upgrades. I’ve had lots of questions about this car, so I made a driveway video to answer some of those questions. He’s ready for your driveway!

This is an early car, built in 1958 and first registered in 1959, and thus titled as a 59. One of the clues Sven was early in production is the gusset beneath the door latch, which came on the earliest Bugeyes. I can’t tell any strength difference with or without, but it is correct for this particular car.

People always ask me about the year of particular Bugeyes, and frankly, I don’t pay a lot of attention… other than the first roughly 5000 cars which had some differences, all Bugeyes are pretty much the same, and the quality of the restoration is what matters most. Sven is unique to that end… the body work is excellent and the engine work is also excellent. He has a number of great accessories and costly engine upgrades. Many of these restored cars have one or the other… Sven is rare in that he has both (gorgeous cosmetics plus many trick performance parts). And they all work together nicely!

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