1959 Bugeye Barn Find For Sale

This is Glenda, a Bugeye that has been hibernating in a dry North Carolina barn since 1983. She was built in 1959 and first sold in 1960. Glenda was originally Iris Blue.

The former owner purchased the car intending to restore it, and life got in the way. I was fortunate to purchase it from his widow, who was happy that the car will one day be back on the road again. Glenda is a roller, and is now for sale.

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The car will need a complete restoration. There is quite a bit of surface rust as you can see from the pictures, but the car is still a very good restoration candidate. Only the driver’s floor pan is rusted through, the rest of the floor can be rescued with only some welded patches (usually the floors are much worse). The spring box area is also quite good,when compared to other ground-up restoration candidates. As with any car purchased from us, this one comes with free tech support for as long as you own the car, so you can feel free to call for free restoration advise as you navigate this project.

Glenda will need new rear fender bottoms and rocker patches or panels. The nose is quite solid. It received some prep for paint back in the 80s, and has been sitting ever since. Thankfully, the barn was dry without too many rodents, bats or other varmints.

The engine is a 1275 which does not turn over. I have a 948 Sprite engine (long block) available for an extra $300 if you would prefer that powerplant. The 948 turns but either engine is likely to need a rebuild, which is advisable on a restoration like this. The car is complete and ready for delivery should you be looking for a restoration project. The former owner did restore the seats and they are nice. He used mark 2 seat covers which, while incorrect, are actually more comfortable. Not a bad choice! He also used new seat pans and foam. These are expensive items, and it will be a relief to bolt in completed seats once the interior is done!

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