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1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale-Buddy

NEW!!! Take a drive in Buddy in the video below. He drives wonderfully and his makeover is nearly complete!

Buddy was born in 1960 and is a great driver. He’s solid with a lovely red shine,and he affords a low entry price for anyone looking for a Bugeye for not a lot of dough. We’ve checked-off a lengthy punch list to make him wonderful to drive. Click on any photos to enlarge.

He has a flip-forward nose and strong 948 engine and ribcase transmission with a  new tonneau and luggage rack.  We’ve replaced the steering rack boots, front shocks, rebuilt, re-bushed and properly tuned the carburetors, replaced the entire exhaust system, replaced the master cylinder with a sleeved upgraded unit, replaced the slave cylinder, radius rod bushings and installed whatever else was needed to make everything work so you can jump in and go.

As with all of the cars we sell, Buddy has been through a comprehensive evaluation and his issues have all been addressed here at Bugeye Central. All switches, lights and features are now working as they were designed. We’ve also replaced the red wheels with a better set of silver wheels with nearly new tires. We offer this car for anyone who wants maximum Bugeye fun with a minimal up – front investment.

Buddy spent much of his life in Florida and came to Connecticut for his complete mechanical makeover. Call 203 561 6929 for more details.

Exterior tour:

Engine Tour:

In the engine photo, you can see the lovely original SU twin carbs which are completely restored, re-bushed, adjusted and synchronized. Buddy also has an electric fuel pump upgrade, which you can’t see, and he also has had his leaf springs replaced and he has a new fuel tank. Lots of good work has been done to this car, so you won’t have to!

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