1960 BMC Dealership Delivery

I saw something remarkable yesterday, and in case you missed it rolling down Interstate 95 in New England, here are some photos.

These two cars were made in the same factory in Abington England in 1960 and both were originally painted from the same barrel of Olde English White paint. They were designed to appeal to different customers but sold in the same dealerships… Austin Healeys and MGs were sold under the BMC banner (the Bugeye at $1,795 and the MGA coupe at $2,695). You might have even seen these two cars transported together in 1959 or 60, shipped from England to the port of Newark New Jersey and then trucked to a dealership in our area.

Yesterday, they both arrived at Bugeye Central where we will prepare them once again for sale.

The sight of these two cars together was a rare window back into what sometimes seems like a forgotten time. They were made before anyone ever suspected that a bag of air might someday deploy from your steering wheel in a crash, and before anyone imaged that DVDs would be playing in your back seat as you drove down an interstate blanketed with WIFI. They were made when cars had an exceptional amount of style and personality. Many cars of this era are rolling sculptures, and it is an honor to have these vehicle, however briefly, in our shop.

The site of these cars brought me back to the 60s, when I would play in my pajamas with Corgi cars of this vintage, on the floor of the living room in front of the TV. My Corgis would also roll out of the cabinet on trailers, for delivery into my playscape for hours of enjoyment, and many imaginary repairs. Now, 50 years later, here they are again. Only now, we make the repairs with real full scale tools, and once finished, I can get in and take each one of them for a glorious drive.

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