1960 MGA 1600 Coupe for sale

Cooper is now sold. Thanks you!

While this is primarily a Bugeye site, I also routinely fall in love with and purchase other great British classics, and this MGA coupe is no exception. “Cooper” is stunning, and under-rated in the marketplace. I believe the value of this car has to climb-there weren’t that many coupes made and the styling is unique. To my eye, this car is a rolling sculpture that would look good in any museum and I don’t know of too many cars you can find for less than $20k that have such distinctive styling.

This one has the original 1600 engine with disk brakes. The engine is rebuilt with very low mileage… rebuilt by the last owner (a machinist). There are even fewer 1600 coupes than the first (1500) series. In fact, just 2771 1600 coupes were manufactured! And of those, only 826 1960 coupes were left hand drive export models, like this one! Compare that to 28730 1600 roadsters manufactured. This is a very rare car and a great investment–1/826– and BTW, Leslie loves it– she says it’s really romantic because of the cozy cockpit!

Cooper is GHDL72038, which translates to G for MG, H for 1400-1999 CC engine, D for Coupe, and L for left hand drive. The first 1600 was made in May of 1959 with number 68851, so Cooper was born sometime in the second half of 1959 and then shipped to America, and maybe even sold in 1959, but titled as a 1960.

This car has undergone an extensive restoration, including bodywork and paint in original olde English white, about 10 year ago. Glass and all rubber gaskets are excellent, new windshield. Excellent chrome, most of it new. New correct twin six volt batteries. New metal brake lines. New fuel pump. New carpet. The car comes with a huge stack of receipts detailing the work done by the prior owner. He spent thousands-he told me he was afraid to total-up his receipts-but it was far more than the value of the car.

We recently replaced all the hydraulics to make the brakes and clutch wonderful again-from sitting, there was some attrition. We put in new slave cylinder, sleeved the master cylinder, replaced the wheel cylinders with genuine Lockheed parts, and installed a completely new hand brake system, which now works perfectly. We also changed the brake rotors. The calipers were recently rebuilt as were the original twin SU carbs. The car drives wonderfully. Interior is very good, seats are original leather and cracked but serviceable. There is one split in the passenger seat base which we can repair unless the new owner would like the seats completely restored which we can also do. Tires are older bias plys. New radials are available before delivery, should you so desire. All the gauges and switches work as designed.

This is a wonderful motorcar you can drive home!

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