New Bugeye Sprite Wheels!

Gumby has been revitalized this month to prepare for a big show!

We’ve been invited to show the car at the New York International Auto Show on April 23 and 24 in an exhibit of mini and microcars in the entry hall at the Javits Center in NYC. If you are heading to this annual auto show (with about 1 million viewers every year!) please stop by and say hello! I’ll be driving Gumby the two hour drive into Manhattan to put him on display, and we made a few modifications to prepare him to tangle with NYC traffic.

First, we put on new alloy wheels and 165 tires. This was mainly a cosmetic decision, but the tires also give a bit bigger footprint for better handling and braking. Then we put in a new super loud air horn, all the more important now that other drivers seem so distracted. I also added a fender mirror on the passenger side, which really helps for highway lane changes, particularly while driving with a hardtop. And finally, we buffed Gumby’s paint and put on racing roundels. This was a very successful makeover!

I’ve had Gumby since 1979 and I have never tired of owning this car. Gumby’s new look is another testimonial for what can be done with these cars. This makeover gives Gumby a fresh new face that looks very right to my eye, and makes it fun to share this car all over again!

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