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1961 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite Mark 1 for sale, rotisserie restoration, “Bo.”

Bo was a lucky Bugeye, and the recipient of a very extensive restoration.

Everything throughout the car is wonderfully restored. Bo is completely stock, all correct, with the addition of an upgraded ribcase transmission.

Everything works, everything is spotless, under and over. Check out the picture of the underside of the floor– immaculate! 100% Olde English White, except for correct green engine paint and nicely restored black suspension pieces, as appropriate! Bo has a 948 engine and drum brakes, all in excellent shape.

Bo came from Southern California, a California car, with no rust. I particularly like the completely stock interior with all the right dashboard switches and holes. No meddling or messing over the years, just correct stock Bugeye. The trunk is also finished beautifully with red hardura matting (spare tire included but not shown).

Rubber door liners are the only thing that hasn’t yet been added to this car–a topic for the new owner to consider. We have the correct ribbed liners to install, but Bo’s inner door skins were very well painted and shine nicely, so covering that over with black rubber ribbing, even though correct, is going to be the buyer’s choice! Were these door insides the usual tatty condition, then I would have already covered the surface with the rubber matting. On this car, rubber or paint are good options!

This car is a joy to drive and everything works exactly as it would have when the car came off the boat! Fully sorted and ready to ship to your door!

Go with Bo this summer!

Click here to see Bo’s extensive photo slideshow…

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