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1961 Austin Healey Sprite for sale, “Bo,” rotisserie restoration… Videos– tour and drive!

People really like seeing Bugeyes

“Bo” is an excellent restored Bugeye. Take a fun drive in the video below, and when you catch your breath, take a walkaround tour in the second video. Scroll down for more info on Bo and to see his handsome photo album (in the next post).

Every British classic car is the sum of hundreds of moving parts, and how well they integrate is the difference between a Bugeye that looks well restored and one that is restored and actually works properly. We have tremendous expertise in knowing how to make these cars work right, and Bo is a living expression of our experience with these wonderful cars. Over the years, I’ve found that even great restorers suffer when they don’t have other Bugeyes to be used as benchmarks. We’ve driven dozens, and we leverage this experience on a regular basis, to make a great product that looks great and actually works.

People sometimes have low expectations for such simple and petite (British) cars… “I didn’t know it was supposed to be any different” is something I have heard from people who often have years of experience. As a result, every car that passes through our shoppe starts with a long punch list, and our work is all about checking off these lists to make these cars wonderful again. I’ve purchased too many cars online that were promised to be perfect, and they usually have glaring problems that the prior owners didnt even realize! We are merciless as we strive to improve these cars.

We know and understand what is possible with Bugeyes… and we have the parts and skill to make the cars their very best. Perhaps you can see this in the steering wheel and pedal feedback I get from Bo in the driving video below. This is a machine that responds to my input with precision and grace. This car provides a driving experience we are dedicated to providing for new Bugeye owners worldwide.

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