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How to paint an Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite

This is “Pepper.”

Below, you can see Pepper getting a fresh coat of Olde English White as we prepare her for sale. The paint job in the videos below takes about 15 minutes to apply. The prep (that you can’t see) takes weeks!

We had considered painting this car flat black (as discussed in other posts on this site), but in the end, popular sentiment and feedback from viewers led us to use a traditional color.

There are many paint codes listed on the web for Olde English White, which was a common color on many British cars of the era. We had trouble finding a reliable formula, so we chose a new Mini Cooper color called Pepper White, which to my eye is an excellent match. This is a modern urethane single stage paint that is readily available. If you have usable codes for correct vintage English car colors, please open this post and post your comments.

I shot this video from outside the glass of a downdraft spray booth. Special thanks to Jeremy Brettman, the best Bugeye painter in the business!

Pepper is now fully assembled and ready for sale. Check Bugeyes for sale-current inventory to see the finished product!

Want more Spray? Watch Part 2, the rear portion completed…

Here’s the second coat applied:

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