Thinking of buying a Bugeye Sprite? This new DVD shows you how!


“So you’re thinking of buying a Bugeye Sprite?”

Can you find the rust hole in this picture? And should you worry about it? (Answer below)

Learn exactly what to look for when shopping for a Bugeye!

Introducing a new DVD that will save you thousands of dollars and help you to learn the difference between a rapidly appreciating classic and a slowly corroding wreck! Learn which cars to chase and which ones to leave in the weeds! Maximize your investment! Feel confident about your Sprite purchase!

At, we prepare great cars for sale, just like Aiden in the picture to your left. We specialize in sorting-out issues so our customers don’t have to. But some of our visitors prefer to “go it alone” and do their own restoration work… this DVD is for them. This is a valuable tool for anyone wanting to get into these cars… and an inexpensive way to put decades of experience right into your own pocket.

Imagine having your own private “Bugeye coach” as you search for a great example… now, you can learn all you need to know before you go shopping… with this fun and entertaining DVD!

How hard will this be to patch?

Bugeyes often come with floor issues. I’ll show you what to look for, and how we fix these rust problems.

Since 1979, I’ve owned my green Bugeye “Gumby.” I’ve kept this wonderful vehicle because every year there are fewer and fewer on the road and each year it just gets more special. After almost 30 years of marriage with this car, I’ve learned a thing or two about their proper care and feeding. In fact, I’ve disassembled and rebuilt just about every square inch of this vehicle… and we’ve leveraged this experience now on dozens of other Bugeyes that have passed through our shoppe at We know Bugeyes inside and out… and know how to do them right.

This DVD contains almost two hours of all-new Bugeye video. I’ll show you what to watch out for if you are shopping for a used Sprite so you can maximize your enjoyment and minimize your expense. The material is organized into 29 searchable chapters, and you can easily navigate from content such as “body line analysis,” for example, to other chapters like “spring boxes,” “transmission noises,” and “what to look for on a test drive.”

While these are simple cars, if you don’t know what you are looking for, you can get badly burned by a Sprite that would be better put out to pasture. Remember, these cars were made almost 50 years ago. Many have rusted. Others have been poorly restored by amateurs. I’ve created this DVD so that you can learn what to watch out for so that you don’t up with a used car disaster!

We’ll walk through every inch of the vehicle… I’ll show you rust vulnerabilities… structural vulnerabilities, and mechanical upgrades so you can enjoy your new Bugeye in a wide range of conditions. And by the way, the photo at the top of this post shows the battery tray on a friend’s Bugeye. The long oval hole is for warm air from the heater box (removed) and the rust hole is to the left of the top of this hole. The hole would normally be concealed by the heater box and battery and this is a very common place for Bugeyes to rust. Nothing too serious and a very easy fix, especially with a small hole like this one. But you’ll want to make sure this tray isn’t completely gone on your new Bugeye… otherwise the battery might just end up on your lap!

You’ve seen dozens of our YouTube videos throughout this site– this new DVD features all new material never before released and not available anywhere else. I take you on a comprehensive tour of about seven different Bugeyes in our shoppe, so you can learn the subtle and sometimes not so subtle differences between the range of cars you will encounter on the market.

Let me help you leverage my experience and history with my Sprite to save you countless hours of aggravation!!!

This DVD will help you buy the best specimen and potentially save you thousands of dollars. Order this DVD today… and you’ll learn all the secrets for a great marriage… (at least with your new Bugeye)!

Door Pillar. Trouble spot!

Don’t be the owner of one more un-driveable British car sitting in a garage or (worse) front yard because it needs costly welding or repairs. Get a car you can enjoy with no expensive surprises! This DVD can save you huge headaches and it’s available now for $74.95, less than the price of just one hour of labor from a good restoration shop. Add $5.95 postage and handling. Click “add to cart” to buy. All major credit cards accepted. A Paypal account is not required to order. This DVD is available now. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

This DVD will save you countless payments (and parts bills) that you might make to your local car shop(s) if you buy a poor example. Order today!

Don’t end up with a bloody nose! This DVD will help you purchase a great Bugeye (and keep your nose clean)!

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