1960 Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite for sale, fully restored with performance mods!

This is Chad and he is hot! He’s sold and off with a new owner, but please check our current inventory for other great Bugeyes!

This is an exceptional package for many reasons–first, this is an extremely well restored Bugeye, with excellent sheet metal and no rust. A huge amount of time and money was spent on the restoration, a full rotisserie job, ground up, done right. A number of impressive performance mods were also made to boost horsepower–the 1275 engine was built for street performance by a racing engine builder in Texas. New tires and wheels were installed along with front disk brakes and a fat sway bar. The car is a missile, a very quick little Bugeye that will make anyone smile.

Chad is also an example of the risk you take when buying a car on Ebay or from an online classified. The car looked great in pictures. The seller was extremely nice. But when the car was delivered, the paint peeled off when I removed the tonneau!

Turns out there was an issue with hardener when the car was painted. In selected areas, the paint never quite hardened. Chad was so great to drive no one dealt with the problem… until the car arrived here. Such an awesome car deserved to be fixed right. We went through the car with a fine toothed comb and the paint was the only issue. So we attacked!

We stripped the paint and had the car completely repainted with 4 coats of modern urethane. We added black stripes, and then 3 coats of clear were shot over that. The result is outstanding. And Chad is now ready for a new home (that’s Chad with his first coat of new paint in the photo above-taken this month in the spray booth).

I was able to track down the prior owner who restored the car. His name was in the massive stack of receipts that came with the car and I was lucky to reach him. He knew about the paint issue. Why didn’t the fellow who sold me the car?

No surprises when you purchase a car from us. Having been on the receiving end of this sort of thing more times than I care to admit, we work hard to make sure that you get exactly what you are promised, with no disappointments. We ship cars all over the world to customers who purchase our cars from videos and pictures. Our wonderful testimonials are the result. Let us know if you would like to speak to our customers-we have a long list of people who have been delighted with the cars that we produce.

Click this link to see a great slideshow of about 30 pictures of Chad. He comes with a nearly new top, tonneau and sidecurtains, which are stored in an attractive original case.

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