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Fully restored 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for sale, ready for delivery worldwide!

“Pepper” is ready for fun! (video test drive above)

This is an exceptional restored car with hundreds of new parts, brand new paint, new black seats,(with matching Olde English White piping, exactly as they would have been offered in 1960 at the BMC dealer)new windshield, new carpet, new interior panels, excellent chrome front bumper with virgin bumper guards and on and on and on. It takes us months to put together a car like this, and if you are looking for a turn-key restored product, Pepper is for you!

Pepper has a 948 engine, original smooth case transmission and restored drum brakes. The car drives better than a brand new Bugeye, with great radial tires and optimal tuning. We also use a very high quality seat cushion foam, which significantly improves comfort when compared to the tired mouse-eaten foam one often finds on the used British cars on the market. We know how to set up these cars to make them their best.

Most of our customers have fond memories of Bugeyes from their youth. People love the idea of tinkering with these cars, just like they might have back in college, or the military, or whenever or wherever Bugeyes etched a strong imprint in their mind.

Realistically, most of these same customers are now short on time, with much more complicated and busy lives, and just want to enjoy these cars without the hassle. That’s why we prepare finished cars like Pepper. We’ve found that people want a quality product that works. Too many of the used cars sold online require a local mechanic (and thousands of dollars, and perhaps months of delays) to clean-up all of the past owners’ unaddressed issues. British cars are inherently imperfect, but we constantly strive to make them their best.

Our cars work. And they look great too.

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Watch a Pepper Video tour below:

Watch Pepper being painted in this video:

I made this short video above to try and communicate something that is tough to communicate… but after driving this car recently I had a profound sense of the sum total of the 100 different things we did to make this car wonderful again. We are constantly checking off lists of improvements to these cars as we prepare them for sale, and when all the lists are long gone and the new owner can really enjoy the final product, that’s when it’s time for us to move on to the next Bugeye.

Completion of a Bugeye restoration is partly a tactile experience, the touch of the correct shift knob and glassy smooth repainted steering wheel, the plush pillow of the new seats (not the usual flattened and time worn foam that barely supports…) the steering and suspension components all damping and supporting in their designed manner… Bugeyes were inexpensive sports cars that were often abused in the 60s, before anyone ever realized they would one day be wonderful classics. And most of the Bugeyes we get have a list of worn components which we routinely address. To drive a crisp and well-attended Bugeye is a quite different experience, a simple and precise sports car that is tons of fun.

We do our best to make these cars wonderful once again, and Pepper is no exception.

Here’s one last drive with Pepper:

Ride along with Pepper on a trip to the Post Office!

In the video I mention using the manual choke on this cold engine. There is, of course, no computerized fuel management system compensating for engine temperature, ambient temperature, fuel octane and altitude changes! Your choke knob is all you have!

And it works!

Enjoy the drive!

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