Blue Chip Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite for Sale-Great Investment

As global financial markets continue to ebb and flow, one thing is certain… a well-restored Bugeye is a smart place to park some cash.

The classic car market has held its ground nicely through the recent great recession, and will do so in the future regardless of what economic conditions arise as long as you buy quality. Quality is what we do best.

And should watching the ticker make you at all uncomfortable, watching your smiling Bugeye sit in front of your house or in your garage is good medicine. Spirited driving is even better.

While we watch debt ratings rise and fall, now is a good time for our new Blue Chip hat, super high quality with impressive contrasting stitching and a sleek black band sandwiched in the brim. The smiling Bugeyeguy logo adorns the front, with our web address on the back, in case you get lost. One size fits all-back band adjusts with a top-notch buckle.

Even if you are not ready to invest in your restored Bugeye, order a cap today to calm your market-data filled head. Click add to cart below– pay with paypal or use any major credit card.

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