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1960 Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite for Sale-Wade

It’s easy to fall in love with Wade. He has a fresh 1275 engine, disk brakes, and wire wheels with chrome knock-off spinners. The uprated engine and disk brakes make the car a trip to drive, and the wire wheels make it hard not to cast an admiring look over your shoulder as park Wade in your garage and walk into the house. The wheels just look right on these cars. Ride along in the video below!

He also has a spin-on oil filter adapter for easier oil changes, Pertronix breakerless ignition (to eliminate ignition points and provide greater reliability), a falcon stainless steel exhaust system (that should last a lifetime) and a new fuel tank. We’ve recently gone through the remaining ignition system components and replaced them all… new wires, etc. With all these parts replaced and the service we’ve done, Wade is running at his peak and ready for his new home.

Wade looks right in olde English White, a correct Bugeye color. His interior is also correct with the exception of a modern radio, which is an asset if you like to drive to music or can be removed if you prefer. I like Wade’s chrome windshield posts, a nice upgrade.

One of my favorite Wade attributes is his soft top with a zip down rear window. This is rare on Bugeyes, and much more common on MGBs. It’s a wonderful feature because on very sunny days you can drive with maximum shade without sacrificing air flow. This is a very high quality top, in soft canvas. You can see more pictures of Wade’s top (with the window also zipped up) by clicking on the photo album link below.

Wade is ready to enjoy now!

Click here to see Wade’s photo album!

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