(if a car is not pictured here, it has been sold)

Building Bugeyes for sale in a modern Bugeye Sprite factory

We have a big crop of cars we are preparing for sale right now and I thought you might like to have a peek at what happens in a typical workday at Bugeye Central. First, cars come in on all manner of trailers, smaller trailers for local cars, giant semis for longer hauls. In the first picture, you see two new Sprites coming in, and one being picked up by a customer after restoration.

Next we attack, and do everything we can to restore these cars to their former glory, working hard to eliminate any issues, and to make the cars fully operational in every way. This takes weeks or even months, as we right years of accumulated wrongs. It’s always fascinating to me how most of the cars we buy are represented as perfect, and then the work begins! We have a tremendous amount of experience with these cars so we know what’s possible. I think a lot of the people who sell us these cars just don’t realize how much better their cars can perform if they are set up correctly! We stock all the parts we need to make these cars truly wonderful once again.

We keep a range of vehicles in stock, ranging from project cars to good drivers to pristine and correct cars that look showroom new. All of them get fully evaluated in our shop so that our customers get the straight story. No surprises!

As a kid I used to have a cabinet full of Corgi cars I would put to bed each night– in the last photo you can see our full scale sea of rolling British artwork ready to be put to bed, ready to move forward on a new day as we prepare them for their new home!

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