Stunning Restored 1959 MGA for Sale

Don’t tell Gumby (my 59 Bugeye I have had since 1979) but I also have eyes for MGAs. This is my tenth A, and I keep a black 62 MGA in my personal collection. I love these cars and we know them inside and out.

Here’s a lovely example that has been extremely well-restored and maintained. She has a walnut dash, a popular accessory for these cars, and really nice knock-off wire wheels. The wiring harness is new, as are the rear leaf springs and countless other items. I have a huge stack of receipts.

It was restored about 8 years ago and receipts total $8000, which include rebuilding the engine, new pistons, a new lead- free gas ready 1800 head for more power, etc. Then the next owner gave a blank check to a British restoration shop to fix anything and everything that needed attention. That work totaled another $5000. The net result is a car that is quite well restored with just about everything new and a total of more than $13k invested in parts and enhancements.

She also has a number of great trim accessories that don’t come with every MGA, including a new tan tonneau and an excellent top, as well as nice sidecurtains and the pouch to hold them. She also has an alternator conversion and has been set up for negative ground which allows use of the cigarette lighter for phone and GPS chargers. We recently replaced the fuel gauge sender and the petrol gauge works great!

The middle photo is what I saw as I approached this beauty the other day in the parking lot with my bag of groceries… click to enlarge… it’s is an inspiring image that made me pause!

Here’s a link for more MGA pictures!

This is a great car! Take a test drive… click the video below!

Check out this tour of the 13k in receipts for this car… Just about everything is new:

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