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Wonderful Restored and Modified Automatic Transmission Bugeye Sprite for Sale-“Lucy”

Lucy is a wonderful custom build by a passionate and skilled engineer who put a huge amount of energy into making a really cool one-of-a-kind 1960 Bugeye. His main goal was to create an automatic, and since an auto is not available for the stock Bugeye power plant, he installed an 1100 cc four cylinder powerplant from an Opel Kadet, and used the matching GM automatic transmission.

I am assuming this was for his wife, or some other small person in the family, because the seat is a bit close to the steering wheel (this can be adjusted, if the new owner is taller). Now Lucy is available, the ultimate gift for anyone who has always wanted to play, but couldn’t in the past because manual transmission was a boundary. Lucy has no barrier of entry!

I love this car because it represents an opportunity to invite a whole new crowd into the world of Bugeyes! Why can’t the automatic community play too? And what if BMC made an auto Bugeye…. would they have made more than 50k units?

Even if you think Bugeyes should only be left the way they departed the factory, you have to appreciate the care and quality of this build. It would probably cost double the price of the car to build another one like it!

Lucy was last registered and inspected in Massachusetts in 2011. She was licensed and on the road in that state. She is equipped with a manually operated windshield wiper that clips on the windshield–this was sufficient to pass MA state vehicle inspection and, thus, should be sufficient in any state in America.

Check out Lucy’s photo album, featuring high-quality custom work!

Test drive and cockpit tour videos below:

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