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Abby Crosses Little Rock-Cross Country Bugeye heads to OKC

Rick called this morning from Little Rock with 500 miles more to go today to make Oklahoma City. A long day!

Abby is running better than ever, with a little extra help from JD’s British Cars in Nashville. Rick was concerned about an occasional hiccup he was getting from his carburetors, and was lucky to find JD on the way for a pit stop. Rick says they are master engine tuners, and they were able to identify that dashpot friction was excessive on one of the carbs, so they fit some rebuilt units they had in stock and sent Rick on his way. Magnificent service!

Rick says he was checking the oil at a fuel stop this morning and noticed that two of the three float bowl top screws had walked out on one of the newly installed carbs. Miraculously, one of the missing screws was sitting on the frame rail beneath the carburetors.

If you are unfamiliar, these are the screws that hold the top of the float bowl in place, vital for a variety of reasons. Rick re-fit the found screw and contacted Glass Auto Works and Restorations, who will not be open when Rick arrives in Oklahoma City tonight, but Mike Glass was more than happy to tape three float bowl screws to the door for Rick to retrieve after hours. These are cheap screws but they have a unique British thread you will not find in any hardware store. Thanks Mike!

It’s great to add to our database two resources in Tennessee and Oklahoma who are passionate supporters of the craft of British Car Restoration, thanks to you both! These stories are also more evidence of the camaraderie and support one enjoys with ownership of a British sports car!

Go Rick and Abby!

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