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We are busily preparing the red Bugeye you see on the lift in the photo below, “Abby,” for her 4000 mile trip to Seattle via the American South and Southern California. She’ll be departing next week, around December 12. I’ll post regular road updates here, as Rick pilots Abby on a big adventure.

This week, Abby got a major wiring upgrade so that the new super bright Hella halogen headlights would run through relays without issue whenever Rick piles on the miles at night.

Our Bugeyes are wandering the backroads of America… in the photo at right, you can see Abby readying for her voyage to the Pacific Northwest, along with blue Colin in the foreground, who will soon depart for a new home in North Carolina. To the left you see a car we restored for owners in Arkansas, soon to be loaded and returning home with new paint and dozens of mechanical improvements. We need to fix a few more items on the punch list and off she goes.

People often ask how many of these cars are still left on the road… we are doing our part to keep making America a Bugeye Nation!

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