Cross Country Bugeye Departs for 4000 Mile Journey

Meet Rick, Abby’s new owner, who flew into Bugeye Central in Connecticut this week to drive his “new” Bugeye home to Seattle! Because he is departing in early December, he’ll take the southern route, searching for warm weather and good roads, which means the total mileage will approach 4000.

Abby is complete and ready for the task. We’ve applied everything we’ve learned about Bugeye reliability to set-up this car for the journey. Many parts have been replaced in anticipation of the task that lies ahead. The trip also gives us a chance to put our expertise into practice, and we are grateful for the opportunity.

Rick is tall… 6’2, 34 inch inseam, size 11.5 feet. I was impressed to see how easily he got in and out of his Bugeye, although he did stop to purchase a pair of narrower loafers at the local Walmart so he could better find the pedals. As with the classic Mini Cooper, these little cars have more room inside than you might think.

We applaud Rick’s adventurous spirit, and desire to traverse America in a more than 50 year-old (small) sports car. It sometimes seems like we are all getting more and more insulated and isolated in the modern world and Rick’s journey is neither! We remain very excited about this project and I will post updates here.

Bon voyage Rick and Abby!


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