Cross Country Bugeye Sprite Road Trip-Morning Maintenance

Rick departed Kingman, AZ today, bound for Bakersfield, California. He managed to avoid the snow storm that is now forecast for Flagstaff to Amarillo, so it looks like he won’t be testing the snow traction on this trip (that would not have been pretty).

The forecast is good now for the next few days as he starts heading North to Seattle. At Bakersfield, he will cross the 3000 mile mark, with about 1000 miles to go. This is a great accomplishment for any 50+ year old car, and Rick and Abby have had a mostly trouble-free journey.

Below is a video of Rick’s morning maintenance ritual:

The tachometer and speedo have been his biggest challenges, and they have been minor at that. If you are unfamiliar, both are cable driven, with a system not unlike the what I had on my stingray bicycle back in the 70s. We changed what seems like at least 100 parts before Rick departed on this trip, but we didn’t put in new cables because they were fine at the time. When his speedo cable started causing the instrument to jump wildly, Rick removed the cable to spare the instrument. Bugeye tachs drive through a reduction gear, and Rick’s got noisy back in Oklahoma, but he packed it with grease and now it seems to be working fine.

His other trouble was with one stripped lug nut he discovered while re-torquing his wheels. A tire shop in Kingman helped him improvise with a replacement. All in all, the trip has been largely trouble free. It took us about 3 weeks to prepare the car for this trip and we are excited that the voyage has been so successful!

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