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Cross Country Bugeye Video, Arkansas in the Rain

Here’s a glimpse of life in a Bugeye at 65 MPH on the interstate in Arkansas. Rick and Abby continue to march on, racking up Bugeye miles, as they take the long way home to Seattle.

Rick left our shop in Connecticut with one Rolling Stones CD loaded in Abby’s modern player. He told me he needed to get at least a few states under his belt before he started to fiddle with the player. Now that he has covered more than 1000 miles, I think I hear the Stones in the background on one of his videos. I have a feeling he’s now going to wear out that disk long before the car wears out! I wish we could all mail him our favorite driving tunes, because I bet he is about ready for some variety!

Rain-x and a clean windshield are vital for rain driving in a Bugeye. We changed the blades and lubricated the wiper system before Rick departed, which makes them effective periodic squeegees. It’s remarkable that a car built in such a wet climate only came with a one speed wiper motor, but then again, we forget the car was offered new for only $1,795!

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