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How to Maintain Your Bugeye Sprite Clutch and Throwout Bearing

Bugeye clutches use a carbon throwout bearing, and the more you hold the clutch in the depressed position, the more that carbon bearing wears away. When your foot is off the clutch, the bearing is not making contact with the pressure plate. That’s why we encourage Bugeye owners to avoid idling with the clutch depressed and especially to avoid driving with any pressure on the clutch pedal unless you are shifting. Starting the car in neutral with your foot off the clutch is also a good idea.

This brings up an interesting safety discussion; I happen to recommend that you DO sit at a traffic light (if there is no one behind you “blocking”) in first gear with your foot on the clutch watching your rear view mirror, ready to quickly get out of the way of a rapidly approaching driver who is texting and not paying attention! Just do so sparingly, mindful of the health and well being of your throwout bearing!

In this video below, you can see the consequences of a hard life for a throw-out bearing… the carbon insert is completely gone and needed to be replaced. This is on the red Bugeye shipped up to us from Arkansas for restoration. The car is almost ready to return to the sons who restored the car in honor of their dad.

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