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Where’s Abby? Cross Country Bugeye Sprite Sightings

Didn’t take long for Abby’s Cross Country roundels to attract some attention and add to the fun! Got the email below after Abby’s first day out. BTW, we had a third roundel on Abby’s nose but it blew off at 35 MPH while we were on a test drive. Odd because these are racing issue, meant to survive straightaway speeds! At least the door magnets are staying stuck. Seen Abby on the road? Send us a note!

“Hello David,

We don’t know one another but I am a car guy.

So, there I was on I-95, south of Baltimore, when I spotted this tiny splotch of red in the right hand lane. Anyway, I got close enough (but not close enough to scare the driver) to read the sign on the door and the Washington plate. What fun!

A few years back, a guy wrote a blurb in Hemmings about traveling south on I-81 and being passed by, as he put it, ‘believe it or not, a Renault 4.’ A friend saw the mention and brought it to my attention, knowing that I was the one driving the R4 in question. So, I felt compelled to come home, Google your company, and say hello. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that the little red critter was humming right along, thank you very much, and that it was a treat to see it!

My best regards to you and Rick,
Les Woods-Takoma Park, Maryland”

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