Bugeye Sprite or Ferrari 458 Italia-Which Would You Choose?

Our Bugeyes are usually delivered in first-class enclosed trailers and often share these nice trucks with high-end collectibles and supercars. The completed cherry red Bugeye we restored shared a Missisippi-bound truck ride home last week with a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia, which needed to be off-loaded so that the Bugeye could get in front. Thus I was afforded a look at this roughly $350,000 missile. That’s the lift gate-equipped truck in the background, and the driver waiting for me to stop drooling and drive the Bugeye aboard.

The Ferrari is spectacular in every way. The Ceramic disk Brakes on the Ferrari are an engineering marvel(an option that adds about $14,000 to the sticker price). The Bugeye’s diminutive 13 inch wheels and tires don’t seem worthy of travel on the same roads.

Yet given a choice, I’d have to say I’d choose a Bugeye or 20 for the price. Yeah, it would be cool to spend a day with the Ferrari and to see how 0-60 in 2.5 seconds actually feels. But in the end, the maintenance costs and liability of owning such a beast is not very attractive to me.

While the technology is seductive and the shape quite sculptural, the Ferrari still sadly looks like just a car. A VERY cool supercar of course, but not different enough from lots of other fast cars currently on the market. Constrained by modern regulations and crash testing requirements, it must be very difficult to design a car with as much personality as a Bugeye, original sticker price, $1,795.

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