Custom Bugeye Sprite Specialists

Anyone can find a Bugeye out there in cyberspace, they periodically come out of the woodwork and are often touted as being the most solid, or the last great, or whatever. The truth is that without anything to compare it to, you have no idea, and often, neither does the seller. No problem if you are a DIY owner-the cars are simple and fun to work on. But a lot of the cars out there for sale cheap are some of the most expensive cars you can buy.

We know this from experience.

Bugeyes are about 80% of our business (the other 20% is restoration of similar British cars). Dozens have passed through our shop. In fact, we routinely have cars shipped to our facility from all over America for service and restoration because we know how to properly care for these cars. We’re not perfect, and we still learn something new from every Bugeye, and that knowledge is applied to our continued commitment to be the best at what we do.

Here’s a video tour of one of the Sprites we shipped to a new home in Florida this week. We started with an excellent restored car, upgraded the car to meet all the buyer’s requirement that the car be a fast and reliable show winner, serviced everything, and then sent it on it’s way.

We’re proud to put another great Bugeye back into regular service, and to send it out in far better condition than when it came in. If you want a turn-key car with no surprises, please call so we can prepare a car just for you!

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