The World’s Greatest Little Sports Car

Got this anonymous email the other day:

“From the bottom of an old man’s, young heart, thank you for featuring a web site for we who cherish our memories of driving the worlds greatest little sports car. Last evening I had occasion to sit with my oldest daughter and we started talking cars. I told her of my owning the third bug eye north of Chicago, purchased new in 1959. While searching the net on a laptop, we came across your web site and I was able to share the sound and the view of driving my passion. What a rush!

In 1959 I was 19, 6’4″ and 245 lbs so I wasn’t a small guy. I actually bought the Sprite from money given “under the table” for accepting a scholarship to a major University football power then and today. ( My God can you imagine the NCAA angst if they had found out). I waited three months to get the Sprite. It was Dark Red (Maroon to me). I owned it until I was drafted in 1962 wherein I sold it to my best friend who drove it until 1967. The jerk wouldn’t sell it back to me until he beat it to hell and back, and I was newly married, wherein he sold it to a girl in another city and I lost track of it.

I had two experiences with it that only a bug eye fan would appreciate, I suspect. I drove my Bugeye from my hometown to the University many times, a trip of almost 1,600 miles, sleeping in it on the three day trip. (at that time the roads were not as sufficient) I popped the seats forward, set a suitcase between the seats to fill the gap and used a air mattress with my head toward the windscreen and my feet stretched out into the trunk, To tell the truth, to a young man it was cramped but comfortable.

The second significant thing, only an old man should talk about, but I made love to special lady in the Sprite with the top up. Hell, to be young again!

None of this matters to you I’m sure, but believe me it brought back so many great memories, I have set your website in my “favorites”. I will be checking back to it whenever I need something to “make my day”. Thank you again for being there for a lover of the most fun car any man ever had the thrill to drive.”

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