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1960 Bugeye Sprite Driver for Sale, “Roxy.”

Roxy has been sold and will be getting a new transmission and then heading to a new home in Virginia. You can learn more about other Bugeyes for sale by clicking here to see the Bugeyes for sale-current inventory category.

Roxy is a solid Bugeye. She looks quite good and runs and drives well-watch the driving video! She does needs maintenance. But if you want a Bugeye you can drive while you tinker, she’s a good choice!

She’s loaded with a lot of great upgrades: 1275 engine, Weber downdraft carburetor, performance exhaust system with header, front disk brakes, front anti-roll bar, performance aluminum radiator, oil cooler, spin-on oil filter adapter, electric fan, Hela super bright headlights and more, so you are starting with great accessories that would cost a bunch to add to any Bugeye. The floors have been replaced and all the necessary underside patches were welded in place so no underside sheet metal work is needed.

She will need some mechanical restoration… the transmission works fine but has been driven without the clutch properly releasing which has resulted in worn synchros. We haven’t had time to try and fix the clutch since we just got the car but I bet we can fix it. Still the gearbox should be replaced with a rebuilt unit as it is worn. This is not difficult to do-we can do it for the new owner and we stock all the parts needed.

The engine is also a bit past middle-aged. Power is good and she doesn’t smoke, but oil pressure is lower than we would like to see. Still, she’s a fun driver, and there is plenty of enjoyment left in this car as she sits. I just want to be sure you know what you are getting with this car (unlike what is so often advertised online, which promises “restored” and then disappoints… we know how to objectively evaluate these cars).

If you are looking for a Bugeye with which you can get your hands dirty, Roxy has all the right stuff. You can use the car as is and work on it on weekends. I can ship you the car with the parts required as well.

If you are looking for an easy mechanical project on a simple car, with great bones and nice performance equipment, Roxy would be a great choice for you!

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