Excellent Restored 1959 Bugeye Sprite for sale called “Horton”

Here’s another great Bugeye that we have prepared for delivery right to your door.

Click here to see Horton’s photo album with about 40 pictures…

Horton enjoyed a ground-up restoration during the past four years and is now ready for adventures on fun country roads.

He was found in a West Coast barn, and then stripped down to the tub, media blasted and completely stripped of all old paint and any rust, then rebuilt on a rotisserie such that the underside could be restored just as nicely as the top. Floors were replaced with factory panels. Rust issues were addressed with new welded sheet metal. We purchased Horton from the restorer and completed his restoration.

He has a stock 948 engine, 4 speed transmission and drum brakes, all completely restored and new. We removed the front hubs and replaced the kingpins and bushings so the entire front end is all new. In fact, just about everything on the car has been replaced, both mechanical and cosmetic. He also has a 3.9 rear end, for better high speed cruising.

The paint is new, very shiny and excellent. The color is dark green, an authentic match of the dark green offered new on Bugeyes in 1959. In 1959 this color was abandoned, in favor of the lighter leaf green which you see on Byron and many other Bugeyes, so this early dark green is a rare color. I guess BMC felt that the leaf green color would be more popular so this darker green was abandoned.

Chrome, emblems and grill are new. The interior is completely new, including great new door pockets, with all the correct details. The trim is stunning-we’ve put in a new windshield and gaskets in a new powerdercoated windshield frame and added powdercoated windshield pillars and cockpit trim… the result is a stunning clean and virgin trim package without the usual scratches and imperfections that you see on many Bugeyes, even Bugeyes that have been restored!

We’ve restored and refinished the steering wheel for a deep glossy look and feel. In fact, the cockpit trim detailing is probably quite a bit better than what you would have gotten from the factory back in 1960 for your $1,795.

Add to those lovely cosmetics an impressive mechanical suite, including a rebuilt engine which was completely disassembled and bored in order to fit new piston. There are less than 500 miles on the engine.

The carburetors and transmission are all new, as are wiring, hydraulics and mechanicals. Even the carburetor throttle shafts have been re-bushed, something we’ve found really makes these cars much easier to tune, and which makes them run great.

Horton is a premium Bugeye for a discerning buyer who wants a really impressive car that will turn heads and win shows. He’s not perfect, yet this is a car for anyone who wants a pristine restored car that looks and feels better than new.

Click here to see Horton’s photo album…

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