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Beware of Bugeyed People from Austin

Here’s one of my all-time favorite online classifieds. It’s not for a Bugeye, but on this later Sprite, the seller featured new SU carbs on his engine… installed upside down! There are a lot of wacky ads posted in cyberspace and you can really get hurt if you are unfamiliar with these cars!

I got into a dialogue this week with an EBAY seller whose red Bugeye had a gaping hole in the back deck behind the seats. The car was modified to match the back deck of a later Sprite Midget and rear cockpit trim from a later car filled the cut. (I’m unable to copy his photos and paste them here, but if you are unfamiliar, the Bugeye back deck comes right up to the edge of the seats. On later Sprites the back deck is smaller.):


Hi, car looks great but curious, how come the back deck was cut out behind the seats? Is that to get better access to the trunk? Thanks!

– 1bugeyeguy

Dear 1bugeyeguy,

The car is pure and original and No body cut anything that is how Austin bug eye comes from factory; usually a vinyl curtain covers that area.


Pay no attention to the cut behind the curtain!


I believe you are mistaken-your back deck was cut open and fit with later sprite/midget cockpit trim behind the seats. There are multiple images of the correct back deck in the link below, or just google “bugeye sprite images,” you will see yours is not original. If you still don’t agree, perhaps you can post this question in your listing by checking the “post” box when you reply, so others can comment too.

– 1bugeyeguy

Dear 1bugeyeguy,

I have some of the best Austin people biding and checking the Austin in person and they are not agreeing with you.but thanks for your comments anyway…..have a good weekend. Please do not bid if you are not sure about anything in the car as I want you to be happy. Respectfully, XXXXXXX

Beware of Bugeyed People from Austin!

This year we’ve already heard from two different new Bugeye owners who purchased their cars on EBAY and were disappointed that what was actually delivered was not nearly as nice as what they expected. Each customer commented on our commitment to produce an excellent product and to represent that product accurately… and then they offered to trade-in their car for one of ours.

It’s an honor to get such calls, but also very frustrating because so many cars are misrepresented online. Our commitment is and always will be to form a great partnership with our customers. British cars are quirky, and they are never going to be as reliable as a new Toyota Camry. But we do our best to make them great and to disclose any issues with each of the cars we list. That’s all part of our commitment at to be America’s Bugeye Sprite experts.

Thanks for coming along for the drive!

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