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How to make a Bugeye breathe

We spent a lot of time preparing Colin for his new owner. The last chapter of this project was to upgrade the exhaust system.

948 engines ordinarily have a carton-like exhaust system–they are petite– a little more than an inch in diameter. We replaced it with a beefy stainless steel header and main pipe that is closer to 1.5 inches, and completed the system with a performance twin tipped resonator. The wonderful sound you hear in this video is the inspiring result.

We had already put performance air filters on the slightly larger HS2 carbs (1/4 inch not the stock 1/8 inch) so now this little bugeye can both inhale AND exhale. The stock 948 powerplant is thus transformed into a peppy little motor which is just plain fun to rev.

Sometimes (the right) noise trumps horsepower.

Our mission all along has been to build great turnkey Bugeyes. As Colin departs this week for his new home in North Carolina, we are left with improved abilities to optimize these wonderful cars. The various catalogs would have you believe you simply plug and play the many custom components that went into a car like Colin. Quite the contrary-a lot of fabrication went into making this work as well as it does in the video you see here.

Our mission is to leverage our experience and expertise with these cars such that we can deliver an exceptional product. Colin is our latest example.

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