Fantastic Right Hand Drive Frogeye Sprite for sale, “Doc”

I have been having a blast bombing around in this car! See for yourself– there’s a video below…

Click HERE to see a Doc slideshow

This is our first right hand drive Bugeye (but not our first RHD car), and I have to admit this car puts an even bigger smile on my face when I drive it! Two primary reasons… first, the heritage and authenticity seems stronger to me in a true British right hand drive car. I feel like I am sitting with the source, the inspiration, a Bugeye in its pure form.

Second, blasting through all my familiar corners while driving from the right makes the whole world new again. To see my favorite turns from a new perspective has added a new degree of enjoyment and novelty.

Doc had a complete restoration some years ago, and his paint is still very good as is his nice original interior. A the time of his restoration he was fit with a brand new 1275 Marina engine during his restoration. This is a new and not rebuilt engine and it has great power and performance. A spin on oil filter too. I would guess there are less than 5000 miles on this powerplant. The drivetrain is healthy, the car is very quick and he sounds great!

He was also fit with a fiberglass flip forward nose during that restoration. It’s light weight and makes engine access a breeze!

Doc was built on October 5, 1960. He comes with a Heritage Trust Birth Certificate as well as registration data from 1969-1985 in England until he was imported to the USA in January of 1985. He has worn his 385 DOC plate since birth. He joined the Sprite Registry in 1987, and is forever car 619 in that group.

Doc is a joy! If you are at all intimidated by right hand drive, I encourage you to give it a try! It’s easier than you think! I found RHD challenging in England because I was not familiar with being on the left side of the road and everything also looked different. But in America, where everything outside looks the same, RHD is just plain fun!

Check out the video test drive below!

Click HERE to see a Doc slideshow

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