Great Budget Bugeye for Sale, “Linda”

Linda is now sold and will soon be moving to a new home in New York. Check out our other Bugeyes for sale in the right margin of this page, click on “Current Inventory.” Thanks!

It’s really rewarding to bring one more Bugeye back to life!

Linda sat in the former owner’s garage for many years waiting to be revived. After we acquired the car, we changed the oil and filter, replaced all the cracked hoses and cleaned out the fuel system, added new plugs and points, and the engine fired up nicely.

Recently, we changed the brake and clutch hydraulic components and now the car is a great driver. We also just buffed the paint and it came up with a great shine (click to enlarge any photo for a closer look). Linda is now ready to go!

She has a 948 engine and drum brakes. She was originally white, and her exterior was restored once, with new rocker panels and a red paint job. The body is quite nice, with good sheet metal, although the paint is starting to craze in a few places and the car will eventually need a paint job. There is one spot on the right rocker panel where some of the original white paint is showing through, which you could touch up, but Linda still presents nicely as is for a 52 year old girl.

Here’s a budget Bugeye with a low entry price, ready for fun on curvy roads this summer. You can restore at your leisure, or leave as is. The paint still has enough life left to impress. The buyer for this car is someone who likes a little patina on a classic car. If you are looking for one that is more finished, we have those too!

There is some rust in the floors that will eventually need to be addressed. This is confined to floor pan repair, which we can do for an extra fee in our shop before delivery. The rockers were already repaired prior to Linda’s last paint job and are in great shape.

She comes with an older top that still has life (see photo album) and her heater was removed by a former owner but is complete and comes with the car.

Linda preserved and stored her dream car for some time, and sadly passed away before she got to the restoration. Her name lives on with this excellent Bugeye that will bring her new owner a great deal of joy and pleasure.

See more of Linda’s photos by clicking here:

Now you can go for a drive in Linda in the video below. Good fun!

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