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Restored 1960 Bugeye for sale, “Jansen”

Jansen is a super-fast Bugeye we have for sale. I’ve added a new video below with a test drive and dashboard tour, so you can get a feel for this fine car. Take a look!

This Bugeye flies.

Click HERE to see a Jansen slideshow

This car was taken down to bare metal and then passionately rebuilt with great paint, a new interior, a rebuilt 1275 engine, disk brakes and performance exhaust. It was a multi-year endeavor, and this restorer must have been a pilot, because he custom fit the dash of this nice Bugeye with every possible instrument to create the ultimate Bugeye cockpit. He’s also fit new switches for driving lights and back up lights.

It’s all very well executed, and while not stock, the workmanship is excellent and the final product is really fun. One might accuse the original Bugeye dashboard of being somewhat spartan, and this designer decided to fix that, and created a dashboard more befitting of a car more exotic, like an XKE, or a small plane.

It’s particularly nice to have volts and amps displayed on nice period Smith gauges, to verify that that generator is putting out and that the volts are north of 12. He also fit a fuel pressure gauge, so you can watch your solid state SU fuel pump do it’s job. His instrument suite is completed with a vacuum gauge and hour meter, like you would find on an airplane or boat. There’s a separate water temp gauge too.

You don’t need all these instruments, but it’s really fun to have all this data, and especially nice to collect it all in a vintage analog way, which looks correct, even though it is very custom. I am not a big fan of digital gauges and I am glad the builder choose nice Smiths hardware from other old British cars.

He’s also carefully fit a more conventional (but still British) turn signal stalk from a later Sprite, and he’s used the steering wheel trim and wheel from the same car. If you haven’t driven Bugeyes, you might not know that the turn signal switch was originally on the dash, and that it is easy to drive with your blinker on in a Bugeye because it’s tough to remember to flip off the non-canceling blinkers. This car has been updated with a later and more conventional turn signal mounted blinker stalk which is self-canceling. A nice idea!

This car is wonderful to drive, well-tuned and tight. I’ll have more pictures posted soon, including photos of the car stripped to a bare tub, nice evidence that a huge amount of care and passion went into the finished product that you see here.

Click HERE to see a Jansen slideshow

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