How to improve on a really nice Bugeye Sprite

As marque specialists, we’ve had the luxury of servicing and restoring many Bugeyes. We have a great knowledge-base regarding improvements that really work in the field. We are also more than happy to partner with our customers to create the ultimate Bugeye that fulfills their dreams. To that end, we are not afraid to add power, or original features, or custom modern conveniences. One easy example is a cigarette lighter to power accessories. Not original of course, but when installed in the hole occupied by the often inoperative window washer pump, no dashboard modifications are needed, and the washer pump can be returned at any time.

That’s an easy one.

More challenging is the kind of build that spans several pages of modifications, like this one in the video below for Zoya, a great Black Bugeye now sold and soon to be heading for a new home in Annapolis, MD.

In the video, you can see the wonderful array of items the new owner choose on a visit to the Bugeye factory. The assembled bits remind me of my childhood dream of winning a toy store shopping spree, the fantasy of filling a shopping cart full of all my favorite toys lives on… and that’s what the new owner did for this car. Zoya is the winner, and this car will be transformed from great to spectacular.

It’s a fitting service of the new owner’s own long-time dream to be reunited with a special car that laid the foundation of his marriage of more than 50 years. He met his bride to be at a church dance in 1960, with his new Olde English White Bugeye parked outside, and the rest, as they say, is history. The car was a graduation gift of the first two payments, about $40 per month! In 1964, he traded his Bugeye for a new and more modern Sprite MK III, enticed by its trunk lid and roll up windows, and has longed to have another Bugeye ever since.

In the coming weeks we will build his “new” car with all the components you see featured. Missing from the pile is a new wood steering wheel and a solid state fuel pump upgrade.

Assembling the parts is but a small part of the process- it’s the integration of all these components that makes a magical car. That integration is what we do best.

We maintain a vast inventory of parts and accessories and always have Bugeyes in stock that are ready for adoption. Please call or email if you would like us to build the Bugeye of your dreams.

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