Two Bugeyeguy first place trophies in the same day

This is “Lu Lu” on the show field in Jupiter Florida this past weekend (April 7, 2012). She is one of the Bugeyes we sold this winter. She went to a couple in Florida looking for a show-winning Bugeye. This is a photo in their very first big show, “Wheels Across the Pond” in Jupiter, Florida, and a first place win in class! Congratulations and great work! A lot of passion went into the preparation of this lovely car, and Leslie and Jim took the car even further with meticulous attention to detail!

At the same show, our former burgundy and creme 1954 Big Healey 100 also won first place in class, in its first show. Congratulations Phil and Abby, who also took home a great car and then brought it to the next level.

This was a big day for in Florida, with two of our cars taking first place trophies in a significant show with more than 200 cars!

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(And to see more of Lu Lu, check out the video in the mirror post below!)

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