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Another Bugeyeguy Show Winner

I just received word that one of our Bugeyes (“Sven,” delivered in February, 2011) won best Sprite/Midget this past weekend at “Britain on the Green” in Alexandria VA. More than 200 cars attended. Congratulations to Max and Debra for their great stewardship with this car, and their hard work to keep Sven beautiful and show ready!

Close to 100 Bugeyes have passed through our doors as of this moment, and I sometimes wonder on any Saturday morning how many of them are all in motion simultaneously, spreading smiles and creating great memories for a rapidly growing community of people. It’s an honor to be of service to such great people (and such great cars)!

We were particularly delighted last year when the Bugeye called “Phoenix” arrived in the new owner’s care in Colorado the day before the start of the National Austin Healey Conclave (the biggest national Healey show) and promptly won second place. Many of our Bugeyes have placed since (like Lu Lu, search other posts) and many more will–we really enjoy preparing great cars that are done right.

Not all of our cars are prepared to show, but we always have several show-grade cars in stock. Please email if you would like to win a trophy or medal this summer!

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