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How to fit a short tonneau on a Bugeye Sprite

A tonneau is a great asset to any Bugeye, particularly since most Sprites are fair weather cars and a well-fit tonneau will keep a brief shower out of your cockpit if your car is parked outside when precip passes through. Tonneaus also keep dust, leaves (and bird droppings!) out of your nice car when it’s parked. I recommend one for every Bugeye!

Most Bugeyes are fit with a long tonneau that attaches to the top fasteners in the back. Some are fit with a short tonneau and these have traditionally been hard to find. If you have a row of studs along your back cockpit edge, you will need a short tonneau.

We have both tonneaus in stock now, and in this video, I show you how the short tonneau looks when fit properly.

If you are looking for either a long or short tonneau, you can order them at the links below! Custom colors are also available, please email for details.

Note: all tonneaus must be custom fit to your car. They are sold with the necessary fasteners and you will need to locate and attach them to your new tonneau. The tonneaus listed are sold in pebble grain black vinyl, as originally fit to these cars. Zipper is black. We offer high-quality tonneaus that will last for many years!

Bugeye Sprite Tonneau, 1958-1961

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