Another Bugeye Transformed!

Here’s a Bugeye we transformed for a car collecting couple in Virginia. We cut out the rusty floor pans, welded-in new factory panels, removed the engine, replaced the worn transmission and clutch, and made about 50 other improvements to make the car spectacular once again!

These are some photos after the car was sanded and buffed with the emblems still removed-almost ready in these photos for the trip back home. Below is a nice note we received from a very satisfied customer who trailered his Bugeye all the way from Virginia to our shop for its restoration!


I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your help with our “little Guy”. The work you did transformed the car from a “flexible Flier” into a solid driver. While the car was always eager for the road, it is now also a good performer. I have had the car up to 75 MPH indicated and it is rock solid. When we brought you the car the needle on the speedo could never have reached to even the 60 mark as the car felt very unsafe at any speed above 55 indicated. Obviously the suspension work in combination with the wheels and tire have solved a lot of issues.

While the car is still British (read that as it will always leak) most of the oil drips are now gone. The 948 cc engine pulls strong and performs well. The new transmission is solid and the new clutch and brakes are working well to provide a confident driving experience. The idle is now fairly stable. The smell of fuel is gone from the cockpit, and the road is no longer visible from inside the car.

While there are still a few issues, (and of course we would have liked to have avoided much of what had to be done), you have converted a car with many issues into a reasonably reliable solid driver. Every time I take the car out for a drive I marvel at how much fun it is to drive. Our “little Guy” will keep us smiling for many years to come!

Thank you for your help.


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