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Bugeye Sprite ownership, then and now…

So many of our customers have fond memories of Bugeyes from their past, and many customers contact us to find a great restored Bugeye to replace a “beater” they once had. Most of our clients were once very involved in the maintenance of their classic British roadster, and now they want us to handle it all for them, and deliver a turn-key product.

Nick is one of those great customers, and he contacted us to request that we ship an exceptional Bugeye to his home near Vancouver, Canada.

Here are a few pictures of his first Bugeye from the 70s in England, and his new White Bugeye, one of the nicest we have ever had. You can see his new Sprite is much nicer than his first car, and the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in Nick’s life with Frogeye Sprites!

His new car is called Tanner, and it’s a ground up restored car with everything new, and an original rebuilt 948 engine, completely stock in every respect. Color is correct Old English White with red interior and white piping. It cost him a bit more than the $240 he spent in the 70s (see below)!

Here’s Nick’s note that came with the photos:

“Attached are 2 pictures I have of my old “Frogeye” in UK. This was around 1977 & I paid approx. $240 for the car. It was a non-runner but just needed the carbs rebuilt to run well. It had wire wheels on splines that were attached with a bolt on adapter plate using the standard wheel nuts- very dubious in retrospect. I have no recollection of what the extra switches & dials were at all.”


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