Bugeye Restoration Project For Sale named Connie, Runs Well!

Here’s one of those rare Bugeyes that has been sitting in a garage for a long time. She was last driven in the 70s, when

Connie parked her car in the garage hoping to one day restore it. The car is now ready for a second life in Connie’s honor!

She runs well, (check out the engine run video in the “read more” section below). The car will need both floor pans and rocker panels replaced. When done, the restorer will have a sweet Bugeye that might just have just 59347 miles!

We have in stock the sheet metal needed for restoration. We can ship the necessary parts in the car, or, if you prefer to hire us to restore the sheet metal, we can put in new floors and rockers. Your choice!

Connie’s engine appears original, although it has been painted once, probably when it was out for a rebuild. You’ll note the engine number does not match the car number, as shown in the video. This is the case with all Bugeyes, and the best way to tell for sure is to order a British Heritage Certificate (about $65) which will list the exact number for the engine that was in this car. When made, the engine numbers were close but not the same as the chassis numbers…

If you are looking for a Bugeye you can build yourself, Connie is a great choice!

Here are 53 more pictures of Connie… click here to see!

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