Cross Country Bugeye Update #2

Dr Steve’s Bugeye continues to take shape, as we prepare the car for a great father and son drive. If you missed earlier posts, this was Steve’s high school car, which he last enjoyed in the 70s, before medical school and other priorities meant the Bugeye moved to the barn for a long sleep. The car has been in his barn ever since, and he recently shipped it to us to bring the car back to life.

We’re pushing hard to have the car ready for a great maiden drive with his newly licensed 16 -year old son. If time allows, they will head home to California with the car, and if schedules don’t align, perhaps father and son will take a New England shake-down tour and then leave the car with us for final adjustments and shipping back to California.

I love this project because there is a 16 year old in the mix who will hopefully lead the charge for future generations who might perhaps admire these classics. I also love the fact that I too got my first Bugeye Gumby while in High School in 1979. Gumby, like Dr Steve’s car, is now undergoing his second restoration!

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