How to prepare a Bugeye Sprite for a cross country drive

Dr Steve bought this Bugeye in California in the 70s, and it’s been in his family ever since, most recently sitting in his California barn waiting for restoration. This year he sent it all the way from Sacramento CA to our shop for restoration, and in about a month he will fly in to drive the car home. Soon this Bugeye will depart on a cross country journey!

(The pressure is on as we still have quite a bit of work to do, as you can see in the video!)

As the car comes together, we will use every trick we have learned from the 100 or so Bugeyes that have rolled through our shop, to improve reliability and make the car more useable and delightful to drive. We are constantly working to improve the product so that reliability is maximized and life with a Bugeye is even more fun!

You can search our site for “Rick and Abby’s cross country adventure” to read more about long distance Bugeye travel-Rick went 4300 miles in his Bugeyeguy Bugeye (in about a week!), from our shop in Connecticut to Seattle-the long way, via Arizona!

We’ll have more updates on Dr Steve’s car as it comes together!

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