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Wonderful restored 5-speed Bugeye for sale!

This car is now sold. If you are looking for another 5 speed Bugeye for highway cruising, check out Priscilla, in the current inventory section found in the right margin of this page…

Here’s a new offering-a great fast 5-speed bugeye with a 1275 engine and disk brakes! We call this car Kelsey. She’s super clean and nicely restored, with a custom wood dash and custom white-faced interments. They’re all new, and they all work.

The car is fit with a strong 1275 engine with a street cam and sweet exhaust. She sounds great and pulls wonderfully through the revs. The Datsun 5-speed transmission is a popular conversion, and works great, with synchros on all gears. It’s easy for anyone to drive with this buttery smooth shifter, and of course Kelsey has the benefit of a 5th gear overdrive.

The car was fit with a flip forward nose, a real luxury when it comes to service, so that engine access is a breeze.

Brakes are upgraded to disk, wheels are new, upgraded to minilight, with nice AH emblems in the centers. Tires are excellent, low profile for great cornering.

Front anti roll bar helps keep this nimble car cornering flat.

Seats are also upgraded to much more padded aftermarket models. These were new when installed, not used from another car. They are more comfortable than stock and in good shape. They also have adjustable rake, which you don’t get with stock seats.

Top and tonneau are included, along with collapsable top bow that fits in the boot. Great stereo speakers are mounted behind the seat.

The wheel wells are immaculate. The underside is excellent.

Fender beading has been removed for a clean look. This was professionally done to a high standard. Restoration is excellent.

As an added bonus, the passenger side inner fender well was signed by John Sprinzel. If you are unfamiliar with his wonderful Bugeye racing heritage, I will post a link to an article here when I have more time. Check back for more details and a photo album!

You can see the dashboard up close and enjoy a fun test drive in the video below! Call or email if you would like to own this fine restored Bugeye!

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