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1000 miles in a Bugeyeguy Bugeye–long-term test


Austin Powers lives in Westport, CT and drives a Bugeye!

Actually, this is one of our customers in a recent parade, with great hair and makeup. Steve purchased this Bugeye from us about a year ago (without his costume on), and below he shares a few of his stories about his first year and first 1000 miles of Bugeye ownership:



“I just want to give everyone a one year anniversary update on my 1960 Bugeye. I purchased her from on June 2nd, 2011 and, although I’m a Brit, I’ve lived in the US for around 32 yrs and a huge NY Giants football fan. So, I immediately had to rename the car, Big Blue.

I wasn’t looking to buy a perfect “hands-off” Concours d’ Elegance car, but rather a great looking, and reliable, Bugeye that would turn heads and generate smiles at local shows.

I also wanted a Bugeye I could drive on the beautiful Connecticut roads whenever the impulse grabbed me. I achieved all those goals within the first week of ownership. I’ve logged well over 1000 miles since purchase, only slowing up for the bad CT winter months. The thrill I get from driving this car is rather difficult to describe. I sometimes tell my wife I’m going out, and she’ll ask where I’m going. I tell her “I have no idea”. The truth is, when driving a Bugeye, the journey’s more important than the destination.


Here’s the beast’s beautiful backside! I had the “show” license plate made in England. I found a company that still supplies all the decade/period correct options for pressed aluminum plates. Even the font is 1960 correct. The plates come without holes, so I hooked up a system whereby I can attach the CT Antique Plate over the UK “show” plate, for easy switching.

The “SBL 50” license plate represents my initials and birth year. It was inspired by the “PBL 75” (Pebble) license plate of the very 1st Sprite to roll out of the factory in 1958, and was used in initial Sprite ads, as in the original 1958 publicity test drive launch, by famed English race driver Roy Salvadori, at Silverstone UK. David has linked that video on this website and you can see it in the next post on this website.

PBL” are my late father’s initials, so I decided to number Big Blue with my initials as a mark of respect… a dot connector between my family history and the Bugeye family history.

This past Memorial Day, it was my great pleasure, and honor, to take part in paying tribute to the armed forces, at the Westport, CT Memorial Day Parade. Here are some pics of Austin Powers (yours truly), and Foxxy Cleopatra (my equally insane neighbor) for your viewing enjoyment. We made quite a shagadelic impression…multiple screams of “Yeah Baby”, “Groovy” and “Nice car baby!” etc. along the route. Awesome!

I’ve shown the car quite successfully, and wanted to share some proof of this Bugeye’s beauty…

1st in Class at Fairfield CT Antique Car Show, 2011
2nd in Class at Southbury CT, 2011
1st at Fairfield Antique car show

I also recently won a People’s Choice trophy at The Boothe Memorial Park Car Show, Stratford CT, 2012, plus a 3rd Place in Class at the British By The Sea Car Show 2012, in Waterford CT, where 356 British cars showed. David is already aware of that fact since he drove there with me, and then drove back with me, on I-95 in a tumultuous rainstorm!

And lastly, below is a gratuitous pic…UK vs US…a picture is worth a thousand words!

Thanks for everything, David!”



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