Turn-key AH Bugeye Sprites for sale, delivered world-wide

Jansen has moved south now to Florida to a new home. That’s Larry, the proud new owner, in the picture at left.

Before the car departed, I made a short video of this wonderful Bugeye that should give you a great sense of the finished product we routinely produce. The car came together beautifully–a joy to drive with a wonderful exhaust note. We made many enhancements to improve drivability. We took this nice Bugeye and made it into a wonderful sports car.

Every month we get calls from people looking for help with a Bugeye they found online or bought on Ebay. Sadly, many of those cars are sold with undisclosed problems (some of them serious), and the new owners look to us for help. Not all online sellers are dishonest, but many just don’t know what they don’t know.

We work hard to do things differently, and to provide a partnership with our customers, so that new classic car owners can have a great car with no surprises. Check out our current inventory over in the right margin of this page to peruse our current offerings. Let us prepare a great car just for you!

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